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Textile stickers designed by Stefanie Leinhos
Set of 13 motifs
One sticker sheet is A5

These are iron-on transfers that you can easily apply to your clothes at home.
This is how you do it:
1. Cut out the motif from the sheet (make sure to keep enough distance from the motif).
2. Choose a textile which is at least 80 % cotton.
3. Pre-iron it on a hard surface (not an ironing board) so that it is completely smooth.
4. Place the motif on the desired location  –  not too close to seams or other unevenness.
5. Put a piece of baking paper over it.
6. Set your iron to level 2 (150 degrees).
7. Iron for about 20 seconds with constant pressure and movement.
8. Wait until the sticker is cold again to peel off the plastic film. Patience is the key.
Oooooops! If some parts of the sticker don’t stick, maybe you ironed too cold or not long enough. In this case, do not remove the film and repeat the ironing process… Good luck! Sadly, we cannot take any responsibility.
9. Wash the fabrics inside out at 30 degrees to ensure the motif lasts a long time!
10. Enjoy!


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